Kshar treatment

Kshar sutra treatment is an ancient ayurvedic technique it is effective for treating anorectal disorders. Kshar is used for treating disease such as pile, fissure, anal fistula. It is less invasive than any other modern treatment. Kshar treatment is safe and cost-effective for patients. Kshar formula is classified as para surgical treatment. These are specialized methods of managing surgical as well as redundant conditions using anurashastra (devices that can act as surgical instruments but are not as good as them). The technique is widely practiced in India as well as other countries. The technique basically uses specially formulated threads to treat diseases. Dr vp singh is one of the affordable clinic for kshar treatment. If you are looking for the treatment so you can book your appointment he will consult you.

When is the Kshar treatment done?

Anal fissures, hemorrhage, fistula-in-AO and other AO rectal diseases occur mostly in people who do sitting job or more sitting work, mainly in young adults as well as infants and children because constipation is a common problem in all groups.

Are there any side effects of kshar treatment?

There are no side effects of kshar treatment except very mild post procedural pain. Therapy comes as a very safe and sure way to overcome the problem of pile mass, or anal fissure or sinus. Patients who opt for this Ayurvedic treatment feel happier and more satisfied in gaining that extra mass and healing that painful fissure. Surgical complications in non-ayurvedic treatment include stenosis, rigidity, and incontinence that do not occur in the case of this therapy.

How long it takes to recover?

One of the many benefits of Kshar Sutra therapy is that patients recover in just 3-5 days after completion of treatment, requiring very few bed rests, requiring only 5-6 hours in hospital for this procedure. To stay the process only takes 30-45 minutes.We Cover all Major areas in Delhi, Noida, like Patel Nagar, Noida, Pahar Ganj, Moti Nagar, Delhi, Noida, Sector 18 Noida, Kirti Nagar, Ramesh Nagar, Noida Sector 18.

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